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Color Blast Sdn. Bhd. was registered in 2016 and is a wholly owned by Bumiputera. Our business is based on textile for Muslim adults and retail and wholesale sales online and offline. Color Blast was founded on an idea by Mrs. Sofia Adnan in 2012. In its early years, she and her husband, Mr. Hafiz Rahmattullah run dropship business, grow and now become one of most known Muslim garment manufacturers.

The concept of the garment owned by Sofia Adnan ideas is to create and bring the latest fashion in Malay traditional dress to suit with modern lifestyle and needs. Our main focus on women who want a simple yet stylish at the same time wants to look elegant and polite. We give priority to get comfort and simplicity in all of our designs.

Beside dress, we also provided a variety of shawl under Amani Hijab by Color Blast label with some of the unique and trendy Malay scarves that has given a new meaning to the entire way of Muslimah dressing. Our shawl is produced into instant semi plain and printed shawl 1 face, instant shawl, instant plain and printed shawl 2 faces.

Our goal is to become the No. 1 producer of the Islamic fashion in Malaysia to promote the clothing that meets the requirements of Islamic law, which cover their aurah. Besides that, our focus is not only in Malaysia even continues on expanding and moving forward in pioneering the Muslim fashion world.

Until now, we have more than 20 agents throughout Malaysia and Singapore. We also opened specific opportunities to Bumiputera entrepreneurs who have offline and online boutique that specialized in together we develop their business towards a higher level.

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